Amit Trivedi Says, “Travelling Has Helped Me Create Some Of My Best Songs”

National award-winning composer Amit Trivedi talks about visiting different parts of the country for his latest project.

Every musician has a different source of inspiration for making music. For Amit Trivedi, it’s a journey. Composers and singers usually travel around the world to make music and add the essence of different places to their work. More recently, Trivedi has traveled to different parts of India, connecting with rustic Indian voices, traditions and stories, and writing songs for his new independent project “Songs of Soil”.

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“Travel has always been my main source of inspiration and that has helped me create some of my best songs. I visited five states: Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. I ended up visiting Rajasthan twice, because there was so much to cover from that region. It was fun. I got to meet some of the best folk artistes of the country,” Given the ongoing pandemic, Trivedi says it took about a year to work on the project.

The National Award-winning composer wanted the songs to have an earthy touch. “The idea was to get some of the best folk artistes of the country together to create something different and original, which the audience has never heard before,” says Trivedi.

This travel experience was a great insight for composer Dear zindagi (2016). . “I had to understand the culture and folklore of every region and jam with the local artistes. One of the songs features me with an instrument called parai, which I am still learning to play. It was gifted to me by Anthony Daasan (folk singer from Tamil Nadu),” Trivedi ends

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