Amitabh Bachchan Shuts Troller Who Asked How Much He Donated For Kerala Floods

Kerala is going through the worst floods and the entire state seems to have gone around a decade behind in development. While the floods have now receded and the water level is going down, it will take months and years to once again gain back a pace and reach the same level of development. Everyone is donating for Kerala floods and many social activities are taking place to help the people stuck in Kerala.

The central government of India had itself donated more than 2600 crores for the development of the state and to help the victims of the flood. On the other hand, big politicians, businessmen and even Bollywood stars are coming forward to help the flood-stricken state and the sufferers. While everyone is being expected to offer monetary help to the people of Kerala, it is big celebrities who are burdened with the highest expectations on their shoulder.


One such celebrity is Amitabh Bachchan. He was trolled by internet trolls who tried to ask him how much he donated for the flood victims. Recently, Amitabh Bachchan shared a picture on his Instagram account with a caption, “The best place to be at midnight .. after finishing shoot for the day at KBC – a recording studio in front of a mike ..”

With an intention to troll Big B, a netizen asked, “Kerala ko donation diya?” (Did you give donation for Kerala floods?)

Big B is not someone to bear the brunt of trolling and he gave it back to the hater in the most subtle way. Senior Bachchan wrote, “Ji diya.. pata chal jayega aapko.. aapne diya kya??” (Yes, I gave.. You will get to know.. Did you give??”


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