Anand Ahuja Welcomes her wife Sonam Kapoor at the airport in a charming way!!

To Love someone is to understand each other, laugh together, smile with your heart and trust one another. The Happiest couple never have the same character; they have the best understanding of their difference. Wherever they are, the love in them should never fade away no matter how long the Distance is. So is with actress Sonam Kapoor and husband Anand Ahuja

Sonam Kapoor has found her love of life in Businessman Anand Ahuja. The Duo dated each other for couple of years and tied the knot on May 8, 2018. Since then the duo are giving couple goals are also sharing some serious relationship goals.

With going on the saying “Opposite attracts” The duo are opposite of each other, but never fail to shower their love for each other. With the entire busy schedule going around the duo were in long distance relationship and now are in long distance Marriage.

 With lot of things going around, still they manage to make each other’s moment memorable. Recently, the actress has returned from Qatar after attending a jewellery event in Doha and her hubby, Anand Ahuja has surprised her at the airport.

In recent days, we have seen Sonam K Ahuja’s stunning and beautiful pictures on her Instagram handle. However, the best thing about her trip turned out to be her return to India. As her husband, Anand Ahuja has surprised her with a bouquet in his hands. The video of Anand Ahuja having a bouquet in his hands is going viral on the internet and a lot of its credit goes to his shyness. 

Anand has always praised Sonam for her work and her bold decisions. The Duo try to spend time together as much as they can and make sure to see each other in a short distance of time.

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