The alleged love triangle between Ananya Pandey, Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan has been doing rounds for quite a long time now. We get to read so much about Sara, Ananya and Kartik’s love triangle every day, their secret outings and dates. For the ones who don’t know Sara Ali Khan has openly declared on Koffee with Karan that she has a crush on Kartik Aaryan and just when we were expecting their romance to kickstart, Kartik was spotted on a dinner date with SOTY 2 debutante Ananya Pandey. And all this lead to many speculations.

In a recent interview with BollywoodLife Ananya has finally spoken about their alleged love triangle and said, “There is no triangle! I think, me as a person, I am so young. I’m 20 and it’s normal to have a crush. I’m very open about my feelings and I’m very open about the people I have crushes on. But I’m so young, I think my crushes change also all the time. So I think it’s just fun, everyone is having fun.” She also remarked, “I’m 20 and it’s normal to have a crush on someone. I’m open about my feelings. Yes, I find Kartik cute and I’m lucky I’ve got a chance to work with him.”

In a chat show with ZoomTv .com Ananya has earlier spoken about her linkup rumours with Kartik and “I attract love triangles. I really do”.When probed further about how it feels shooting with Kartik she had said, “I have not worked with Bhumi yet. I’ll be working with her now when we resume shooting in July. But, from Kartik, I’ve just learned how selfless he is as an actor. He thinks about how to make a scene better. He won’t just think about his lines and how to make that better. And I think he is so comfortable with the language in Hindi. So, he is so spontaneous and can impromptu make up jokes and stuff. So, I think that’s very cool.”

In an interview with film critic Anupama Chopra Kartik had dismissed all the link-up rumours and said, “Right now, I’m concentrating on my work. I think, relationships they do take a lot of time.” Kartik had further stated, “Mere andar phir guilt reh jata hai ki yaar main iss relationship main hoon (but) main time nahi de pa raha hoon. So, that is something I don’t want to do with the other person. That’s the reason I’m committed to my fans and work right now”.

In the same interview, Kartik was asked about the pictures with his co-stars that create headlines. Kartik had said, “Even if I have gone out for a meeting, with the producer and the actress, then it is written about me and the co-star. Which is something I don’t get Who logon ko maza aata hai likhne main, toh who likhte hain. Abhi kitna rok lunga?” During another interview with Agenda Aaj Tak, Kartik had opened about the rumours and had said, “People say all sorts of things if we have lunch or dinner together. It was just one dinner. I find it strange to read such things about myself.”

What do you guys think about this alleged love triangle of Sara Ananya and Kartik?

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