Ananya Pandey Will Be Interrogated Again; Aryan provided The Drug Peddler’s Phone Number In The Chat- Exclusive!

While the NCB’s interrogation of Ananya Pandey in the cruise drugs case ended after 4 hours on the second day on Friday, she has been called again on Monday. After Aryan Khan, now Ananya Panday (Grilled Day 2) has come under the eyes of the Narcotics Control Bureau. Ananya Pandey is mentioned in the drug chats received by NCB from Aryan Khan’s phone. This is the reason that till now Ananya has been questioned for a total of 6 and a half hours. At present, the main objective of the NCB is to collect evidence in the Aryan Khan case.

Ananya Pandey

‘Nervous’ Ananya Pandey arrived three hours late

On Friday, Ananya Pandey was to reach the NCB office at 11 am. But she reached the exchange building with father Chunky Pandey at around 2:20 pm. NCB had seized two phones and a laptop of Ananya Pandey on Thursday itself. On the second day too, Ananya was questioned by the Zonal Director of ANNSB, Sameer Wankhede himself, while the actress’s phone and laptop are also being searched. When Ananya reached the NCB office on Friday, she was as nervous and nervous as on Thursday. NCB officials in the register.

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Aryan-Ananya talks about drugs thrice.

According to the report, Aryan and Ananya had a conversation about drugs on three different dates between the years 2018-2019. Aryan and Ananya have a conversation about ‘weed’ and marijuana i.e. ‘ganja’ in the name of drugs. In this sequence, Ananya also told Aryan at one place that she has tried Ganja once and wants to do it again. On this, Aryan has also sent the number of a drug peddler to Ananya.

Said on chat – I tried ganja, told NCB – never took drugs

Aryan and Ananya had a conversation about drugs.

According to NCB sources, in a chat with Aryan, Ananya Pandey says that she has tried Ganja before and she wants to do it again. On this, Aryan also gave him the number of a drug peddler. However, when Sameer Wankhede asked her if she knew any peddler, Ananya refused. Ananya told NCB that what she said in the chat is a joke. According to Ananya, she never took drugs. The conversation she has with Aryan is also about cigarettes.

Aryan asked – is there a jugaad of ganja?

In another chat, Aryan Khan and Ananya Pandey are talking about Veed and Ganja. It is said that in this chat, Aryan asks his friend Ananya that ‘Ganja ka jugaad’ can happen? Ananya writes in response that she can ‘arrange’. However, after that, there is no talk in the chat about whether she has been able to arrange it or not.

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