From Bollywood To Heroism: Animal Actor Manjot Singh’s Daring Rescue Goes Viral

Ranbir Kapoor’s co-star in the film “Animal,” Manjot Singh, has garnered a new kind of spotlight, not for his acting skills, but for his real-life heroism. Recently, a video surfaced online showcasing Manjot’s quick thinking and compassion as he saved a young woman from jumping off a building.

The video, believed to be from 2019 when Manjot was a BTech student at Sharda University, depicts him rushing towards a girl perched precariously on the ledge of the second-floor terrace. With the help of two others, Manjot held the girl’s arm, engaged her in conversation, and ultimately pulled her back to safety, averting a tragedy.

Manjot singh saves the girl from suicide
Animal star Manjot Singh’s quick thinking and compassion save a young woman from self-harm.

Manjot Singh: From Classroom to Community Recognition

This act of courage didn’t go unnoticed. Manjot’s video has gone viral, garnering over 7000 likes and widespread praise on social media. The Sikh community in Delhi has also showered him with recognition and support. Manjot Singh GK, former president of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, even pledged to help with his civil services exam preparation.

Manjot Singh
Manjot Singh

Beyond the Heroics: A Journey in Film and Beyond

While Manjot’s heroic feat has rightfully earned him acclaim, it’s important to remember his acting talent as well. He has already made his mark in films like “Fukrey 3” and “Dream Girl 2,” and has also worked in the blockbuster hit “Animal,” where he shared screen space with Ranbir Kapoor.

Manjot singh and ranbir kapoor
Manjot Singh and Ranbir Kapoor

Manjot Singh’s story is a powerful reminder that heroism can take many forms. It’s not always about grand gestures but about stepping up in moments of crisis, showing compassion, and choosing courage over despair. His quick thinking and selfless act not only saved a life but also inspired countless others to believe in the power of human kindness.


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