Animal’s Mansi Taxak Believes Post-Credit Scene With Ranbir Kapoor Lacked Consent, “Aziz Was Threatening Me” Deets Inside!

MandiMansi Taxak discussed the movie’s post-credit scene in an interview. She also talked about the “lick my shoe” scene from Triptii Dimri and mentioned Zoya’s motivations for doing it.

Recently, actress Mansi Taxak, who played Bobby Deol’s wife, Abrar, spoke out about how Aziz sexually exploited her character in the post-credit scene. According to Taxak, she wasn’t asked for her permission; instead, she felt threatened. She continued by saying that it is imperative for her to keep her personal convictions apart from her acting duties as an actress. She also talked about Triptii’s Dimri’s “Lick my shoe” scene.

‘It’s very difficult to turn someone like Aziz down’: Animal actress Mansi Taxak

In an interview with Siddharth Kanan, Taxak discussed how she witnessed patriarchy as a child growing up in Haryana, as well as how her character was sexually exploited in the film. She stated that, as an actress, she is forced to put aside her personal beliefs and enter the shoes of her character without passing judgment.


The actress said that she concurs that Aziz in the movie threatened her rather than asking for her permission. Mansi Taxak continued, “Anyone would have been scared by the way he holds the knife, and if she had been in her position, she would have agreed to it.” 

She shared, after a lengthy discussion of the subject, “In a way, he was threatening me while asking for my consent. It’s very difficult to turn someone like Aziz down, especially if you see the mood he’s in. He’s just killed someone, and he’s holding a knife. Forget my character, even I would have said yes at that moment. But given the character dynamics, for sure, Aziz is a strong-headed person, but he has certain lines that he maintains. It was a threat, yes, but he was also asking me, and he got the answer he wanted.”


The actress also spoke out against “toxic masculinity” and addressed the issue. Although no one should have it in any form, she said that times have changed significantly in the past. She also stated that the movie’s reception and her own “backlash” from society would have been different if she had directed Animal ten years earlier.

Mansi Taxak’s take on Triptii Dimri’s ‘Lick my shoe’ scene

During the interview, Mansi expressed her thoughts on the scene, stating that she strongly disagrees with it and that if she had been in Zoya’s shoes, she would have barged out of the area. But, Taxak continued, Zoya had her own motivation for staying. She continued by stating that, as an “opinionated person,” she disapproves of the scene and that actors are not allowed to evaluate their own roles.

“As Triptii also said, she wouldn’t have behaved in the same way as Zoya, but that’s the kind of person Zoya is. Similarly, I wouldn’t behave like my character, who has fully submitted,” added Mansi.

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