Ankita Lokhande Calls Vicky Jain ‘Womaniser’ Amid Bigg Boss 17 Drama

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain found themselves amid a heated exchange, catching viewers’ attention. The Bollywood actress accused her husband of being a ‘womanizer’ after a prank involving Ayesha Khan took an unexpected turn.

Ankita Calls Vicky A Womenizer

Prank Backfire: Ankita’s Displeasure Unveiled

The unfolding drama began when Ankita attempted a light-hearted prank on Vicky with the help of Ayesha and Isha. However, the atmosphere grew tense as Ayesha playfully flirted with Vicky, prompting disapproval from Ankita. “This is completely inappropriate, please don’t go too far,” she urged Vicky.

Ankita’s Outburst and Vicky’s Persistency

Vicky’s response, asking Ayesha how she felt when he held her, further fueled Ankita’s anger. “This is highly distasteful. How would it look if I said the same thing to a man?” Ankita questioned, expressing concern over Vicky’s recent behaviour. She pondered whether he was enjoying the reputation of being a ‘womaniser.’

Ankita And Vicky Fight

Perception Matters: Ankita Schools Ayesha and Mannara

Another altercation ensued when Isha made a joke about Vicky being a shield for Mannara. Ayesha added a playful comment, causing Ankita to criticize their remarks. “It’s coming across as if you flirt with others as if you are disloyal,” Ankita remarked, advising them to be mindful of the perceptions they create.

Vicky Tries To Defend Himself

Vicky’s Attempt to Defend His Image

Vicky, in response, tried to tone down Ankita’s accusations, criticizing her for spreading what he deemed a wrong perception about him. The episode left viewers questioning the dynamics of Ankita and Vicky’s relationship within the Bigg Boss 17 house.

In a surprising turn, the drama took an unexpected twist, leaving fans eager to see how the narrative unfolds in the next episode. Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss drama as Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain keep the headlines buzzing.