Ankita Lokhande Reveals How Bigg Boss 17 Ruined Her Marriage: ‘It Still Hurts’

Ankita Lokhande is one of the most popular TV actresses in India. She rose to fame with her role in Pavitra Rishta, a hit show that ran for six years. But her personal life has been under constant scrutiny ever since she entered the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 17 with her husband Vicky Jain.

How Bigg Boss 17 Exposed Their Relationship Problems

Ankita and Vicky tied the knot in 2022, after dating for three years. They seemed to be a happy couple until they decided to participate in Bigg Boss 17, a show that puts celebrities in a house with cameras and challenges them to survive various tasks and eliminations.

The show turned out to be a nightmare for Ankita and Vicky, as they had to face constant arguments, fights, and misunderstandings with each other and other contestants. Their relationship was put to the test, and they failed miserably. They were often seen yelling, cursing, and threatening each other on national television, shocking their fans and family.

How Ankita Feels About Her Fights with Vicky on TV

Ankita recently came out of the Bigg Boss 17 house, and she is not happy with the way her relationship with Vicky was portrayed on TV. She claims that their fights were exaggerated and taken out of context and that they have a lot of love and respect for each other.

In an interview with Sidharth Kanan, Ankita said, “It still hurts. I am not recovering from it, and it’s not because of anybody else, it’s because of us. I saw some of my scenes, and I was just telling Vicky yesterday that you know we have fun, and we say things like, ‘I will hit you’ in jest. But on the TV, it looked so exaggerated. Now when I see it, it impacts me so much that I do not like it because we talk to each other as friends, so it feels okay. But it’s come with such force on TV that it’s traumatic, it’s not healthy to watch, it’s not nice to watch. Whatever we did, we did it ourselves, no one else was there, we were fighting there, but somewhere there’s a lot of love in that fight too.”

How Ankita’s Friendship with Kangana Ranaut Helped Her

Ankita also revealed that she received strong support from her friend and actress Kangana Ranaut, who stood by her and Vicky’s family during this difficult time. Kangana, who is known for her outspoken and fearless attitude, defended Ankita and Vicky from the trolls and haters and advised them to stay strong and positive.

Ankita said, “She was very worried after seeing whatever happened in Bigg Boss 17. She called me and said, ‘Ankita, you are a strong girl, you have to handle this. Don’t let this affect you. You have a beautiful relationship with Vicky, don’t let anyone ruin it.’ She was very supportive and caring, and I am grateful for her friendship.”

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