Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain Feud ‘Investment’ Comment; Actress says, ‘How can it be…’

Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande, the dynamic duo who enthralled viewers on Bigg Boss 17, have assumed a central role. Their journey on the show has shown a range of emotions, from furious disputes to heartwarming moments, which has revealed the genuineness of their real-life marriage.

New research contradicts the popular belief that Vicky and Ankita began their careers together. Vicky Jain makes a fleeting cameo appearance in the leaked video during Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s Bigg Boss 4 wedding. Vicky sat behind Jay Bhanushali; the contrast between her formal shirt and Jay’s grey suit was striking. Online users were taken aback by Vicky’s transformation in the 2011 episode.

The Viral Video Resurfaced

Netizens React to Vicky’s Transformation

Following Neil Bhatt’s previous remarks, viewers flocked to the video’s comments section as it went viral, highlighting Vicky’s receding hairline and casting doubt on the veracity of his locks. The information sparked rumours about Vicky’s intentions and sparked conversations about his background. Some people even said that his marriage to Ankita was a calculated decision.



Ankita and Vicky’s Controversial Bigg Boss 17 Moments

When Ankita confronted Vicky for reportedly calling their marriage an “investment,” their relationship’s problems took a more sinister turn.

She said; “I knew this topic would get raised. But you are calling me an investment. What is going outside is that people are perceiving me as an investment.”

Vicky defended his point, but Ankita strongly disagreed, saying their meeting wasn’t the product of “destiny.” Ankita found it difficult to convey her belief in fate and a true connection since she was angered by the opposing points of view.


She asked; “Vicky I was asking you  so many times that meeting me was an investment. In front of Isha, you kept saying ‘haan mera investment tha.’ How can it be an investment? Meeting me is destiny, it is the heart’s connection.”

Vicky persisted, nevertheless, in his assertion that he had no faith in “destiny.” Ankita was displeased by this and was at a loss for words to express how she felt. She responded that while it’s a foolish idea, he might be logical. In response, Vicky said he could not get everyone to comprehend his point of view because he only speaks in this manner.

The couple’s verbal fight revealed a nuanced emotional dynamic between them and provided insight into the complexities of their relationship outside of the Bigg Boss house.