Ankita Lokhande’s Fury Unleashes As Vicky Jain’s Dad Contacts Her Mom Over Kicking Fiasco

The turbulent relationship between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain on the most recent season of Bigg Boss has become the talk of the town and sparked intense debates among fans.

Various topics have been the source of the couple’s arguments. The most recent one concerned Vicky’s connection with Mannara Chopra, another housemate.

The drama intensifies with the arrival of family members in the Bigg Boss house, especially Ankita and Vicky’s mothers.

Vicky’s Mother Drops a Bombshell

An exciting teaser shows Ankita Lokhande and Ranjana Jain, Vicky Jain’s mother, talking. Ranjana talks about an incident in which Ankita allegedly kicked Vicky. Ankita looks distressed and expresses astonishment when Ranjana tells her that Vicky’s father contacted Ankita’s mother immediately, asking,

“Jis din tumne laat maari thi na. Papa ne turant tumhari mummy ko phone kiye ‘Tum apne pati ko aisi hi laat maarti thi? (The day you kicked Vicky, Vicky’s father called your mom to ask, were you kicking your husband also like this?)”

The news upsets Ankita because it gives the current drama a new dimension.

Ankita Responds to Family Involvement

She lost her father in August 2023, reacting intensely as Vicky’s mother describes the tragedy. She highlights her mother’s loneliness and the recent death of her father, questioning the need to include her mother in the situation. Ankita begs Ranjana Jain not to involve her parents in the current argument, saying,

“Mummy ko phone karne ki kya zaroorat thi. Meri maa akeli hai waha. Mere papa ki death hui hai, mumma, Aap mummy-papa ko mat bolo, please. (What was the point in calling my mother? My mom is alone after my father’s death. Please don’t get my parents involved in this.”

Vandana Lokhande Advises Caution

Vandana Lokhande, Ankita Lokhande’s mother, intervenes and counsels the unhappy couple to behave carefully. Both Ankita and Vicky’s families suffer as they work through the difficulties of their relationship while living in the Bigg Boss house because of the emotional upheaval they experience.

Mothers’ Earlier Appearance Resurfaces

The unhappy couple recalls their earlier appearance on the show, and both of their mothers, Vandana Lokhande and Ranjana Jain, advise them. Ranjana conveys her sadness at the unanticipated course of events while reminding Ankita of her maturity. She urges them to focus on love and understanding and highlights the necessity of their reunion.

Vicky Shocks Housemates with Mannara’s Nomination

The most recent teaser also reveals the week’s nomination procedure amid family conflict. Mannara Chopra and the other roommates are shocked when, in an unexpected turn of events, Vicky Jain nominates Mannara. The unexpected turn of events heightens the already volatile environment in the Bigg Boss house by adding another degree of uncertainty.