Anne Hathaway Walks Out Of Vanity Fair Shoot For THIS Unexpected Reason

Anne Hathaway withdraws from the Vanity Fair photoshoot to show her solidarity with unionized Condé Nast staffers.

In a surprising turn of events, actress Anne Hathaway left a Vanity Fair photoshoot on Tuesday morning. The actress abandoned the shoot in the middle while she was still in makeup and dressed. Her exit coincided with the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) joining a one-day picket line planned by the Condé Nast Union. Although the reason for Anne Hathaway’s departure is still unknown, it brings a new aspect to the current disagreement between the media company and its workers.

Anne Hathaway storms out of the Vanity Fair shoot

As per an insider, the reason she exited the photoshoot midway was upon receiving news that members of her union, SAG-AFTRA, had participated in a one-day walkout in solidarity with unionized Condé Nast staffers.

“They hadn’t even started taking photos yet,” a source told the publication. They further stated, “Once Anne was made aware of what was going on, she just got up from her hair and makeup and left.” The Academy Award winner got there for the photoshoot on Tuesday morning in New York. However, when members of the actors’ union participated in the work stoppage at the publisher’s One World Trade Center HQ, SAG contacted Hathaway again, and she pulled out from the shoot. The official word from the star’s side is still pending.

In response to Hathaway’s action, the official handle of the union took to X and wrote, “If Runway had a union, The Devil Wears Prada would’ve been 30 seconds long.” They added, “Thank you, Anne Hathaway, for not crossing our picket line.”

Condé Nast union strike

Conde Nast recently said they would let go of some workers as part of a plan to reduce costs. This led to a lot of workers protesting on Tuesday morning, with almost 400 of them forming a picket line. Some of these workers were from Vanity Fair, the same magazine Anne Hathaway was there to be in.