Anupam Kher Sets Out To Kick Off His New Talk Show With Twists And Turns Of Success; Deets Inside!

Anupam kher's new talk show

Veteran actor Anupam Kher is set forward to curate a show which is predominantly pivoting around exploring inspiration from successful people.  The upcoming talk show “manzilein aur bhi hain” would be the best Indian talk show ever. The show is set to be premiere on his youtube channel in October 2022. 

Anupam Kher's new talk show

Anupam Kher’s new talk show

The show, “manzilein aur bhi hain” cover the conversation and digs in-depth rapid holes to help every aspirant. Learning from the succeeding person is always valuable input, Anupam Kher is going to make a phenomenal stand out on the show. Talking the show, it is fully rolling around the struggles and hidden bumps while moving through the darkest phase in your life. The challenges they have been through and what made them so patient to never give up. 

Suppose you are in the confusion about, how the show is going to help you. Many young students have no idea, of where to begin while start choosing their career, or entering the business world. This show will be the most significant helping hand for them to remove the stones in the way.

Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher

Manzilein aur bhi hain suggests courage, motivation, and self-determination. Lessons from people from different walks of life are going to be a huge advantage for everyone. To gather more in-depth valuable information from self-taught people.

The word the team is willing to add was, “hope is a strong emotion.” One can either create something new or destroy the existence something. As it helps us to do impossible things in difficult times we should have to cultivate hope.

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