Anupama Fame Gaurav Khanna’s Wife Is Not Getting Work On TV; Says, ‘Give Auditions But…’

Gaurav Khanna playing Anuj in the TV series Anupama and became the favorite of millions of viewers. Meanwhile, his real wife Akansha Chamola is returning to the small screen. There is no hope. She has worked in TV shows like Swaragini, Laddu, Ganga Yamuna and Bhagyalakshmi. she has been away from the small screen for several years. Akanksha Chamola recently revealed why she still hasn’t returned to television.

Gaurav Khanna’s Wife Akanksha Chamola Is not Getting Work

Akanksha Chamola said she wanted to return to television but was unable to audition. She also said that now her husband Gaurav Khanna should become a producer and produce the show so that he can come back. In an interview with ETimes, Akanksha said: “I used to do shows, but now I’m waiting to do shows. Nobody forbids me to watch TV. I auditioned a lot, but people didn’t really like my audition.”

Gaurav Khanna says nothing comes before right Time

Akanksha added,”I want to tell the fans that you keep showering love on Gaurav, and now he will produce the show for me, because I don’t feel like someone is going to take me in his show.” Gaurav stated after Akanksha,”There is nothing like that.I believe that nothing comes before time and more than luck. I speak from my experience when I say that time is really essential. I’ve been in this industry for a long time and have had several possibilities to work, but my career changed after Anupama. I can’t believe it. I received a lot of love from the concert, and I’m sure there’s something in store for you as well. maintain faith.”

Love story of Gaurav Khanna And Akanksha Chamola

Talking about Love story of Them, Gaurav khann And Akanksha chamola met on the audition set for the first time. Gaurav Had Worked in many shows as lead actor while Akanksha was a newcomer then. She thought Gaurav is also a newcomer so she start telling him about industry and work. but when she became to know about him she was so embarrassed. Further They fell into love and got married on 24 November, 2016.

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