Anupamaa: Rupali Ganguly Charges Whopping Amount As Fees Per Episode; Check Out!

The daily soap Anupamaa is currently one of the top shows on Indian television series. The show depicts the journey of a middle-aged woman who tries to create her own identity against her in-law, children, and society.

The actress Rupali Ganguly plays the character Anupamaa. It has become a household name as well as received a lot of love. It is her talent, love, and dedication to her character that made Anupamaa the biggest daily soap. Rupali’s commendable acting skills won the hearts of the audience due to which she gained immense popularity.

She has been a part of Anupamaa since its inception. Since then there is no looking back. This is not everyone’s cup of tea to play such a difficult character. But Rupali excels at what she does without undermining the audience’s expectations. Fans love to watch her on-screen. They appreciate her acting. According to a news portal, has become the highest-paid actress in the Indian television industry. Check out the below to know her fees per episode in Anupamaa.

The actress Rupali Ganguly reportedly charges a whopping amount for each episode of Anupamaa. As reported by a news portal, Rupali charges Rs. 3 lakhs as fees per episode.

A source close to the show informed the publication that Rupali started with a remuneration of Rs. 1.5 lakhs per day. This is the highest category. But she is a senior actress. Currently, she is earning 3 lakhs per episode. This proves that Rupali is one of the most bankable actresses in the showbiz world.