Anushka Calls Herself “WhatsApp Uncle” Because She Wish Her Fans”Good Morning” Again

Anushka Sharma greeted the fans with a breathtaking photo of the sunrise on Friday morning and compared herself to “Uncle Whatsapp” by doing the same. The actress is currently in the United Arab Emirates as her husband is a playing T20 World Cup for India .

Anushka shared a photo of the orange-washed city skyline in an Instagram story, “I’m your Whatsapp uncle wishing you good morning every day!”

Anushka Sharma shared a pic on Instagram Stories. 

Also on Thursday, Anushka asked her fans to “good morning” with a similar photo.

Anushka provides regular insights into your stay in the United Arab Emirates. She recently shared a video dancing to rapper Badshah’s new song Jugnu. The actress shared her video on her YouTube channel as part of her #JugnuChallenge on her YouTube Shorts. She shared it on Instagram Stories and asked her fans for their views. “I tried my hand at the Jugnoo challenge. Let me know what you guys think. Only on YouTube shorts. Badshah, I did it for you. Check it out, guys,” she wrote.

Anushka continues to travel with Virat after a break to work in Mumbai. She recently shared the latest photo of her daughter Vamika, which is rarely seen on her Instagram page. It showed Virat teasing Vamika playing with her ball. “My whole heart in one frame,” Anushka had written in the caption.

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Virat and Anushka sought the privacy of their daughter when they announced their birth in January this year. He recently refused fan’s request for the baby’s pictures on social media. Virat had said, “No, we have decided as a couple to not expose our child to social media before she has an understanding of what social media is and can make her own choice.”

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