Anushka Sharma Penned An Emotional Note For Virat Kohli After He Steps Down As Test Cricket Captain

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli left the whole country in tears. When he announced his decision to step down as Test cricket captain on January 15, 2022. His wife, actor-producer Anushka Sharma penned a heartfelt note for her husband Virat.

On an emotional note, she said that she is extremely proud of the legacy he left as Test captain of the Indian cricket team, remembering the past seven years and how she has seen Virat’s journey.

Sharing two pictures, Anushka paid tribute to her husband Virat’s decision to step down as captain in Test cricket. She said that I remember the day in 2014 when you told me that you have been made the captain because MS had decided to retire from Test cricket. I remember when you and MS were chatting later that day and he joked about how quickly your beard would turn gray. We all laugh about it.

Anushka also revealed how she has seen Virat grow as a human being. She shared around you and within you. And yes, I am very proud of your development as the captain of the Indian national cricket team and the achievements of the team under your leadership.

She also wrote about how in 2014, the couple was “young and naive” who believed that only good intentions, positive drives, and motives could move forward in life. The actor said that though these qualities are important, they come with their challenges. Many of these challenges that you faced were always not only on the field but also off the field.

She mentions Challenges will test you where you least expect it but where you need it most. She wrote my love, I am so proud of you that you did not let anything come in the way of your noble intentions. You always lead by example and win on the field with every ounce of your energy after a few defeats.

She also mentioned that I was sitting next to you with tears in your eyes, while you were wondering if you could do more.You are a straightforward person always that’s what makes you great in the eyes of me and your fans because beneath it all you always had pure, pure intention.

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