Anushka and Virat are getting married, here are some more proofs from the wedding venue

Amid all the rumors of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s marriage flowing in, we are getting all cues of a big confirmation on the same news. With all what we have got to know at latest, Anushka and Virat are getting married! So, the wedding is set to take place on Decemeber 15 at a heritage property within a resort in Tuscany. The wedding will happen at Hotel Borgo Finochito. The hotel is one among the 20 most expensive hotels in the world.

Anushka and Virat’s close family has already left for Italy and it is said to be a three-day celebration. As per reports, all preparations are going on for a typical Punjabi wedding. Recently, professional bhangra dancers were seen entering the resort.

An ANI correspondent, Poonam Joshi had an interesting post on her Facebook profile. It said, “Oh what a long long long journey this has been!! Wow Anushka and Virat what a location you have chosen. Making it almost impossible for a common man to reach…never mind here I am. Tired and wet in the rain and it’s only 6pm and this beautiful historical village seems to have gone to sleep….no taxi… no English..but people so kind and helpful. I am being helped by the locals to make sure I am safely transported to my hotel. It’s a far away land in the historic land dating back to the 13th century…I guess we all will be making memories together. Some cozy some cold 🙂”


Well, that clears out almost everything for us. Meanwhile, let us tell you that the Indian Cricket Team is currently playing against Sri Lanka. Only Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh have been invited to the skipper’s wedding in Italy.

The couple has also planned everything in advance for their reception in Mumbai on 26th December. It would be a grand party with all their mates from Bollywood and cricket world. Post that, Virat will depart with his team for the South Africa tour.

We simply can’t wait for the day we will finally get to see pictures from Virat and Anushka’s wedding!


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