Archana Puran Singh Opens Up About Her Battle With Anxiety

Archana Puran Singh, a prominent figure in the Indian television industry, now appearing on “The Great Indian Kapil Show,” recently shared her struggle with anxiety. In a heartfelt social media post, she opened up about her longstanding battle with this mental health challenge, shedding light on her journey to coping with it.

Archana’s Candid Revelation

In her candid reflection, Archana expressed that she often experienced a persistent knot in her stomach, a sensation that modern terminology now identifies as anxiety. Recalling the past, she noted that during her youth, discussions about mental health were scarce, and individuals, including herself, soldiered on through challenging emotions without acknowledgment or support.

She captioned the Instagram photo that she uploaded, saying:

“I’m no expert, obviously. But I’ve had experience dealing with it. Learning from it. And managing to reduce its power or grip on me. It is sometimes my best friend in doing a job well. But this ‘friend’ also keeps me awake when I want to sleep early !😅 Nonetheless, I don’t focus on it. I choose instead to focus on all the good things that happen every day in my life. I count the number of happy and joyful moments of each day, and that makes my whole day a happy one.

I was putting it up as a story, but my son happened to ask what it was, and he said “mom why don’t you put it up as a post instead? I’m sure someone out there could benefit from reading this.” Well, if that does happen, I’ll have a few more happy moments added to my day!! Love to all ❤️ and choose to have a happy day every day 😊”

The Dual Nature Of Anxiety

Despite her enduring struggle, Archana emphasized that she defines her life as predominantly happy, even amidst challenging times. However, she confessed that there are moments when anxiety disrupts her sleep, leaving her awake when she longs for rest. Despite these challenges, Archana has learned to manage her anxiety over time, attributing it to both a motivator for excellence and a hindrance to peaceful sleep.

Archana’s Message To Her Followers

Encouraged by her son, Archana shared her experience publicly, hoping her story might resonate with others facing similar struggles. In concluding remarks, she urged her followers to cherish each day’s happy moments and choose happiness despite life’s challenges.

Public Response To Archana’s Post

Archana’s candid revelation sparked an outpouring of support from her fans and followers, with many expressing gratitude for her openness and sharing their experiences in the comments section.


Archana Puran Singh’s candid revelation about her battle with anxiety serves as a reminder of the importance of discussing mental health openly. Her courage in sharing her struggle and the coping mechanisms she has developed over the years provides hope and inspiration for many dealing with similar challenges.

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