Are Left-Handers More Smarter Than The Right-Handed People? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

All the lefties, assemble here! Today is your day. Yes, it is International Left-handers’ Day. And this piece is writing is going to boost your ego a bit. Feel empowered and enjoy your crazy left side.

Well, so we have a common notion that the people who write, brush, eat, bat, bowl with their left hand are more intelligent. Is it so? Does it have something to deal with science and psychology? Aren’t there intelligent people in right-handers’? Let’s see.

When we look deep into world history, some legends were left-handed. Beginning from the music emperor Mozart to Marie Curie the lady with the unbeatable quest, left-handed people are everywhere in the sphere. Contemporary personalities like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie add up to the list. Interesting right? But are there equally talented legends from the right-hand side?

There is no doubt that there are intelligent people among both right and left-hand users. But the scientific studies show that people who use the left hand for most activities ranging from waving to catching are experts in solving mathematical problems. Oh, that’s why I am not so good at math! No time for sighs.

Science has also given a grand explanation of what makes left-handed people even smart. It says that on average have a more developed right-brain hemisphere. This helps them to process and better figure out spatial awareness. Besides this, left-handers have a larger corpus callosum. They are a bundle of nerve cells connecting the two brain hemispheres. I can see the left-handers smiling reading this.

So the link between two hemispheres enhances their information processing. This enables them to do things at a faster pace compared to that right-handed people. And you know what? It was later learned that the left-handers are forced to work their both sides as they are living in a world majorly occupied by the right-hand preferred ones. But the report also says that this has helped them more in their intellectual growth.

Anyhow, cheers to the left-handed people. They’re doing great to fit into the world designed for right-handed persons. Waiting for more geniuses to come from your side. And last but not the least, kudos to right-handed people out there who are taking extra efforts to catch up with the vibe. Good luck!

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