Are Prabhas And Kriti Sanon Taking Their Rumored Affair Slow? Here’s What Sparked The Rumor!

During Karan Johar’s episode seven of Koffee With Karan, Kriti Sanon called Prabhas for the first time. Since then, there has been a lot of talk about relationships involving ten of the Adipurush actors. This new couple in town is taking things slow, despite the fact that their fans are smitten. According to a source, Kriti Sanon and Prabhas have gotten along great on set right away. Prabhas’ candid and engrossing conversation with Kriti surprised everyone and left everyone shocked.

There may be something special about the friendship that has already begun, but it is too soon to draw conclusions as it appears that both parties are moving very slowly until they can publicly confirm anything.

“Prabhas and Kriti loved their time on set together. They are both heavily invested creatively in their first movie together, and they rely on each other to decide whether a scene is excellent or needs to be reshot ” added the source.

Their relationship remains strong, even though they finished the movie months ago. They never miss a chance to talk or text, which proves their shared admiration for one another. However, it would be too early to label their relationship as a relationship. While shooting or even marketing their own films, co-stars usually become involved in one another’s life, but Kriti and Prabhas are exceptional in this sense. They are very attracted to one another, but they desire their relationship to grow gradually.

One of the most eagerly anticipated couples and the topic of interest for followers of entertainment news is Prabhas and Kriti. According to reports, Kriti is playing Sita to Prabhas’ Ram, and their chemistry will set the box office ablaze.