Are You Living In The Past Or Too Worried About The Future? Checkout!!!

The word Moment may have 6 letters but, it is hard to carry and understand it’s impact in real life. There are past moments, present moments, and of course, future moments. The x-factor to deal with the moment is our minds. It is like we have three layers – a layer for past, a layer for present and a layer for future.

It is almost impossible to think about the present in this pandemic situation. We constantly ponder upon our pointless future and regret our past mistakes. Interestingly, we think about future and past by living in the present. But we hardly give importance to the present time. We should live in the moment.

We take the present for granted. Due to the pandemic, we have learnt that life is very much uncertain. Anything can happen at any time at any place with anyone. We refuse to agree that we cannot control past and future but, we can work on our present to shape the future and forget the past. The moment is like a clock. Time is constantly moving. In a clock, the time which is gone, is considered as past, and the time which is coming, is the future. But the present moments lie in the hands of second and minute in a clock which keep on moving with no break.

Present Is The Only Time

The wait is endless as we don’t know when the Pandemic will be over. We should not let our mind get bothered with things which excite our minds negatively. It takes time to heal it. We cannot do it by ourselves. We should not let those things to happen which can break our heart. We hope that every moment becomes better and henceforth wait for someone who will give new hopes. But never think of today or the time we are living in. It’s not that hard to live in this moment as we think of it is.

We cannot understand that if our present is at stake and vulnerable, we will have no future. The present time and the present moment are required to be taken care of. We are living in the present and leaving behind the past. If our past is not so good, that means we have wasted our present time. It’s like the subject of History, a conversation between past and present.

Most importantly, give importance to the word “now”. We should do our work now. Every enjoyment should be enjoyed now. We should live in this moment. The time is only present. Let’s fix our present to shape our future.

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