We as a whole know the signs of a terrible relationship: warnings that we shouldn’t ignore. In any case, how many of us truly know what love looks like when things are going good? Does it mean that you don’t fight? Is everything roses and violins? Or, on the other hand, never questioning where the relationship is going? How would we know when a relationship is going in the right direction? Let’s find out

Couples who laugh together stay together

However, is laughing together means the relationship is good? No, laughing together in a relationship implies numerous things – giggling at yourselves, having a funny approach when you mess things up, and in particular, keeping things light by having the capacity to ignore your relationship troubles together. Basically, this means that if you have a funny angle about things and don’t take yourselves or each other or the relationship too personally, you’re all right.


You talk genuinely and transparently about things

Openness is of the utmost importance, yet it isn’t just about filling the silence with words. It is tied in with having the ability to be real with your partner about whatever is going on with you – good or bad.

You stay calm instead of fight

If you think a decent relationship is one in which there are no differences or fights then you’re totally wrong. Sooner or later, you will have issues. And, when this happens, your attention is on settling those issues instead of clutching them and worrying over them or using them as a reason to go separate ways. Keep it together, and it will be all right.

You are certain about the future

You may have decided that your sweetheart is the one, or you might not have, but if you have the idea in your brain then, you’re on track. Uncertainty is all right, but if any idea of a future together puts you off in any way, then that may be an issue.

You try to be better for your lover

Great love influences us to be better not only because we need to satisfy our partner, but since we need to make them positive. Truth be told, if you accomplish something just to satisfy your partner, that is not maintainable. However, if you endeavor to be better since you truly need to make them happy, give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

You remain idealistic

What props you up through the unpleasant patches? Idealism, isn’t that so?


You respect and develop each other

If you feel better about yourself as an individual as a result of your partner’s essence, at that point their place is valuable, and the relationship is great.


Keep these things in mind and see where is your relationship going. 



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