Ariana Grande Caught In Drama As Ethan Slater’s Estranged Wife Accuses Her Amid Romance Rumours!

Ariana Grande has found love again, this time in the arms of her much-married ‘Wicked’ co-star Ethan Slater, just days after her split from ex-husband, Dalton Gomez. Continue reading to find out more!

Ethan Slater’s estranged wife Lilly Jay states her family suffered as as a consequence of Ethan Slater’s affair with his Wicked co-star Ariana Grande. TMZ was the first to report the news. While the Broadway musical was still in production, the two began dating, according to the tabloid.

Lilly Jay’s Thoughts On Ariana Grande And Ethan Slater.

Broadway star Ethan Slater’s estranged wife, Lilly Jay, has criticized Ariana Grande. As a result of Slater’s relationship with the well-known singer breaking, Jay revealed that her family has suffered. “I’m not a girl’s girl,” Jay told Page Six. “My family is just collateral damage.” Jay stated that her main concern is now raising children. She is a loving mother to her kid with Ethan Slater.

As for insiders, they tend to have a different perspective. As per them, Jay has been actively contacting various news outlets to share her side of the story.

Nonetheless, she seems to be treating Slater distinctively in private. in accordance to the sources, Jay’s primary aim is to protect their child.

Ethan Slater And Lilly Jay Are No Longer Together.

Following being a high school sweethearts, Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay got hitched in 2018. Their journey together resulted in the birth of a son last year. Their relationship, however, encountered difficulties, and they are now proceeding with the legal process to end their marriage.

Before the singer entered the picture, the couple had been separated for two months. While some believe Grande was involved in the breakup. In spite of their divorce, she maintains cordial relations with her ex-husband, Dalton Gomez.

The story gained traction after a photo of the Wicked cast celebrating their Oscar win went viral, showing Slater with his arm around Grande.

Ethan Initiates Divorce Proceedings.

Slater, who received a nomination for a Tony Award, divorced Lilly Jay about a week after breaking news of his love affair with Grande became public.

Ethan has filed for divorce from Lilly, according to TMZ. According to the sources acquainted with Lilly, she was devastated to learn of Ethan’s recent romance and encountered he was abandoning their family.

Ariana Grande And Ethan Slater Embrace Fresh Start.

The romance of Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande has caused quite a bit of controversy in the media. Ariana and Ethan, according to sources close to them, are treating their ex-partners with respect and sensitivity.

Although their feelings are running high, that they intend to remain low-key as they get around their newfound relationship with one another. Despite the public attention, they are intent on developing a healthy and private relationship. Neither Ariana Grande nor Ethan Slater have publicly addressed their rumoured romance.

Ariana Grande’s Divorce From Dalton Gomez.

Meanwhile, Ariana has deleted her May anniversary post. Ariana and Dalton married in a private ceremony at Ariana’s home in Montecito in May 2021.

Ariana was photographed without her diamond ring on her left finger at last week’s Wimbledon men’s singles final. She was spotted sitting next to Andrew Garfield and Jonathan Bailey. During the match, the star reacted by covering her mouth with her right hand. Her ring was conspicuously missing.

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