Arnab Goswami was recently allegedly attacked by the ‘Congress Goons’ while he was driving back from his studio with his wife. He apparently said that the two men banged on his car’s window panes and tried to attack him and his wife. However, there have been many people who believe that this is nothing but a farce. Arnab Goswami Should be Given ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’

Recently, Thappad director, Anubhav Sinha took to his twitter and slammed the journalist very badly, while indirectly accusing him of spreading false allegations against the congress party. Filmmaker wrote, “Sorry I’m confused. What are the legal charges against Arnab. Loose talk against Sonia Gandhi??? Or inciting communal hatred????” In his next post, Anubhav shared a tweet that accused Arnab and hic channel of plotting the whole incident and wrote, “I think we are getting it all wrong here and feel they are missing these details. They are not. They give a f*** and their narrative is ‘sold’ day in and out. The nuance is redundant now.”

In another tweet, the filmmaker suggested all the journalists  to give Arnab a ‘lifetime achievement award’ during an upcoming function. “I have a good idea for all the ‘Journalists’. At one of your Award Functions, or actually all of them this year Give Arnab the Lifetime Achievement Award. Matter Ends!!! Cool na???” Check out the tweet below:

Before filmmaker, TV actress Kavita Kaushik had sent out a cryptic post after Arnab Goswami’s video was out. She had written, “So these days all it takes to turn a blatant fabricated lie into believable truth is simple make a video and post it !? Wow! Law/ investigation n things like that should head to the beaches for a long vacay.”  Arnab Goswami Should be Given ‘Lifetime Achievement Award

Arnab Goswami Should be Given 'Lifetime Achievement Award' Says Anubhav Sinha While Taking A Jibe At The Journalist

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