Arshi Khan Facing A Hard Time Over Citizenship Troll, Says: “I Am An Indian Citizen”

Bigg Boss 14 competitor Arshi Khan opened up about individuals ‘superfluously target and savage’ her over her citizenship. Brought into the world in Afghanistan, Arshi repeated that she is an Indian resident. She uncovered that her work has additionally endured as she has been misjudged to be a Pakistani resident living in India.

Addressing her, Arshi Khan said, “I struggle when individuals pointlessly target and savage me while addressing me over my citizenship. They misjudge me to be a resident of Pakistan who is living in India. What’s more, for this disarray on occasion I have experienced on my work front as well. These are such pitiful encounters of life. I need to make it clear for the last time that I am an Indian all around. I own all Indian government-supported personality cards. I’m not from Pakistan, but rather especially from India itself.”   

She additionally added, “I’m an Afghani Pathan, and my family has a place with the Yusuf Zaheer Pathan ethnic gathering. My granddad had moved from Afghanistan and was a prison guard in Bhopal. My underlying foundations are in Afghanistan however I am an Indian resident.”

Afghanistan dove into emergency after the Taliban caught the country’s capital Kabul. They have held onto power interestingly since 2001. Their takeover has prompted a huge number of individuals endeavoring to escape the country.

Talking about the current circumstance in the Taliban-controlled country, she had said she was incredibly upset adding that a portion of her companions and family members are as yet in the country.

“I was brought into the world in Afghanistan and later relocated to India with my family. I’m presently stressed over the female residents of the province after the Taliban’s standard comes into power. I’m Afghani Pathan. Furthermore, It alarms me and gives me goosebumps. I’m stressed over the female residents of the province. I was brought into the world there and the idea, in case I was one among them, is really making me shout out of dread,” Arshi had said.

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