Aryan Khan Seen Enjoying Garba At An Event In Mumbai, But Here Is Something Confusing Netizens!!

Aryan Khan, son of actor Shahrukh Khan, is often in the media headlines. After the drug cruise case, every public appearance of Aryan Khan is being watched by the people. Let us inform you that Aryan Khan’s name came in the drugs cruise case, he was also jailed. However, he has got a clean chit in this case and was declared innocent. But due to being a star kid, his every activity comes in public. Once again Aryan Khan’s name is in the news. This time the reason is a dance video. A dance video is going viral on social media these days, in which a young man is seen doing garba. Users say that it is none other than Aryan! However, the truth is something else.

Aryan Khan’s LookAlike

Let us tell you that an old video is becoming fiercely viral on the internet. This video is from 29 September. In this, a boy is seen dancing in a very spectacular way. On one hand, users are claiming that Shahrukh Khan’s son is Aryan Khan. But, when looked closely, some people are denying this. In such a situation, users are quite confused that who is this boy after all?

People’s Comment On Post

Video Of Aryan Khan Dancing In Mumbai Navratri Event

The person dancing in the video going viral is not actually Aryan Khan. Yes, this is Bunny Rajput. Let us tell you that Banni Rajput is also an actor and model. This video has been shared from the social media account of Bunny Rajput. This is a video during Navratri and Bunny is doing Garba dance. But, his stature and appearance looks exactly like Aryan Khan. Even his outfit is like that of Aryan. Just because of this, the fans are getting confused and at first sight, Bunny has been misunderstood as Aryan Khan.

Bunny Rajput

Very interesting reaction of users is coming on this video of Bunny Rajput. One user wrote, ‘At first sight I thought he is Shahrukh Khan’s son.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is exactly like Aryan Khan.’ The interesting thing is that as soon as the users felt that it was Aryan Khan, some also started giving him advice. Another user wrote, ‘Take care that the eyes of the media do not fall on you.’

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