As BMC Demolishes Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai Office, She Says, “Yaad Rakh Babur, Ye Mandir Fir Banega”

A few days ago, Kangana shared that the BMC officials entered her Mumbai office, Manikarnika Films without prior notice. She had mentioned that they would be demolishing her property. According to TOI, Kangana was given 24 hours on Tuesday to save her bungalow, as the Mumbai municipal corporation issued a 24-hour notice. it was reported that if she failed to reply in 24 hours then unauthorized parts of her bungalow will be demolished by the BMC. Now, the officials have started demolishing the property even before the actress arrives in Mumbai. Reacting to it, Kangana took to her twitter and went on to compare her office to Ram Mandir and said that Babur is demolishing it.

In her tweet, Kangana shared some pictures from the pooja at her office when the film Ayodhya was announced. She wrote how the first film in Manikarnika films- Ayodhya, was announced, and that it isn’t just any other building for her, but she considers it Ram Mandir. She stated that today, Babur has reached there to demolish it and that history will repeat itself. She said that Ram Mandir will be demolished and will be rebuilt once again.

“मणिकर्णिका फ़िल्म्ज़ में पहली फ़िल्म अयोध्या की घोषणा हुई, यह मेरे लिए एक इमारत नहीं राम मंदिर ही है, आज वहाँ बाबर आया है, आज इतिहास फिर खुद को दोहराएगा राम मंदिर फिर टूटेगा मगर याद रख बाबर यह मंदिर फिर बनेगा यह मंदिर फिर बनेगा, जय श्री राम , जय श्री राम , जय श्री राम,” she wrote.