The world is managing the greatest emergency and COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives. Be that as it may, on account of the specialists who are filling in as the warriors to spare lives the world is a somewhat better spot today, and one such warrior is Bigg Boss 13 runner up, Asim’s sibling Umar Riaz who is a specialist by profession. Asim shared an image of him on his Instagram story where we can see him working wearing a PPE unit. Asim Riaz Is Proud To Share Doctor Brother Umar’s Photo Wearing PPE, Serving COVID-19 Patients.

Through his excursion in Bigg Boss 13, Umar was a major help for him outside. Umar whom we as of late observed in the song Salaam Hai Tumko went all out to make his sibling win. In his different conversations with media around then, he revealed how he was shuffling between taking care of his clinical need and dealing with his sibling’s interest, who had turned out to be so well known in the show’s last season.

From managing Asim’s outfits to updating his social media handle to representing him when required, Umar gave his best. Umar also expressed his anger when required. There was a time when Parag threatened Asim. He then took his twitter and wrote Parag should have been polite with his brother and ever Paras also deserved the same way then not just a hug.

His tweet could be read as, “I would say that there could have been a more humble way of telling #asim to talk to #shefali properly. I can understand how #parag mite have felt when anyone misbehaves with Shefali considering the bond they share. If Asim deserves it, then paras deserved way more than a hug,” Being a logical person, Parag soon responded to him. He replied, “Bhai aap ek baat manoge gussa apni se hi ho sakte hain.. and paras said sorry to me and pari and I reconfirmed with pari. And like u I am believe in forgiveness aur aaj uski mom ka episode dekh kar u will understand why I forgave him.” Asim Riaz Is Proud To Share Doctor Brother Umar’s Photo Wearing PPE, Serving COVID-19 Patients.

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