‘Ate Dal With Rats And Insects’: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ Fame Ajaz Khan Shares His 26-Month Traumatic Jail Experience!

Actor and social media personality Ajaz Khan often shares his views and experiences with his fans. He rose to fame after ‘Bigg Boss 7’ and post that, the actor has got embroiled in many controversies too. In 2021, Ajaz’s life turned upside down when he was taken into custody in an alleged drug case.

Recently, the actor got bail after spending almost two years inside the prison. In a latest press conference, he talked about the heart-wrenching experience of 26 months spent in jail. During this, Ajaz tagged his entire journey as ‘painful’ and said that after coming out of jail, he went into depression.

The actor said that there were only three toilets for 400 prisoners in the jail and they were always full. He shared that he passed his time by reading books. Ajaz revealed that he used to eat dry rotis and stone-like rice. Rats and worms used to come out in pulses. He told that people sleep like sheep and goats inside the ‘most crowded jail’ of India.

The actor further mentioned that this phase actually taught him the value of every grain. It also showed him the people who were actually his supporter.

Ajaz said that it took him a month to accept his normal life. When he came out of the prison, he could not understand how to eat good food or how to bathe in a clean bathroom. In jail, he used to eat dal and dry breads with rats and insects so, it took him some time to accept this life again.

Lastly, Ajaz thanked thanked Mika Singh and Randeep Hooda for taking care of his family in his absence. He also sought for work from the industry.