What do Indian couples

What do Indian Couples do on their First Wedding Night?

I know this has raised your excitement to read the article. Without losing any time and waiting my words, let’s check the things that happen on the first night of an Indian couple. They take a deep sleep: By this I actually mean deep sleep,…


6 ways your workout is ruining your skin

Going to the gym is supposed to be good for us – so why at times is it that when we take up exercise, our skin often seems to go in the opposite direction?? The reason is quite obvious – sweat and skin do not a happy mix make, s…


Tips To Improve Your Vaginal Health For Powerful Sex

Every woman should show some concern about her vaginal health. A healthy vagina is inherently acidic and comprises of rich measures of helpful bacteria that aid in fending off infections and maintaining a natural pH level. A healthy vagina …


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