Avinash Sachdev Discusses His Relationship With Rubina Dilaik; Says ‘I Was 22 Years Old, And She Was 20’

Since their departure from “Bigg Boss OTT Season 2,” Avinash Sachdev has been engaging in a series of interviews. One of his recent interviews has gained widespread attention as he openly discussed his past relationship with actress Rubina Dilaik. Avinash Sachdev openly addressed his romantic involvement with Rubina Dilaik during the interview.

Avinash Sachdev, a TV actor, has departed from “Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Last week, both Jad Hadid and Avinash faced eviction from the house simultaneously. Following his exit from the show, Avinash Sachdev has been actively engaging in interview sessions. Lately, one of his interviews has gained significant attention as he openly conversed about his previous romantic involvement with his former girlfriend, Rubina Dilaik.

Reflecting on the Past – Avinash Sachdev
In an interview with ‘Bollywood Bubble,’ Avinash Sachdev openly delved into his past relationship with actress Rubina Dilaik. He noted that at that time, he was 22 years old, while Rubina was just 20, a mere two years younger.

Avinash went on to express, “Those moments were truly wonderful, a phase filled with beauty. Looking back, you come to realize that the intentions driving that relationship were distinct. You comprehend the disparity between youthful affection and love in the present moment. The contrast is significant. She was at a tender age, and we both were new entrants to the industry. She was a fresh face in front of me, and I was the hero in her eyes.”

Avinash Sachdev: A Story of Separation
To provide clarity, Avinash Sachdev was formerly in a relationship with his fellow actress Rubina Dilaik during their collaboration on the show ‘Choti Bahu.’ However, their relationship faced a breakup, leading him to marry Shalmalee Desai in 2015. Unfortunately, their marital journey spanned a mere three years, culminating in a divorce in 2017. Shalmalee possesses not only acting credentials but also scriptwriting skills, contributing to shows such as ‘Thapki Pyar Ki.’

Fiancé of Palak Purswani
Following his divorce in 2017, Avinash embarked on a romantic involvement with actress Palak Purswani, leading to their engagement. However, their engagement was short-lived, as it ended soon after. The specific reasons for their separation have not been openly revealed.