‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ Owner Allegedly Attempts Suicide; Admitted To Sadurjung Hospital

‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ owner Kanta Prasad has reportedly attempted suicide on Thursday late evening.

As per the Police statement Kanta Prasad alcohol and sleeping pills and was afterwards rushed to the Safdurgunj Hospital in an unconscious condition. Atul Thakur, DCP south said, “Kanta Prasad, 80-year-old owners of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ was admitted to Safdurgunj Hospital last night. He was brought in an unconscious condition after he consumed alcohol & sleeping pills. A statement of his son has been recorded for the same. Probe is going on”.

Kanta Prasad and his ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ came to everyone’s attention when Youtuber posted a video of him crying because of his financial conditions. The video was picked up by netizens in a lightning speed and went viral, which provoked a lot of support from all over the country in the form of financial help. Soon after the video, many vendors started cueing outside like bee buzz to accelerate his sales.

After all the limelight and financial help which was about Rs. 42 Lakh , Kanta Prasad opened his own restaurant with the help of Adlaka, a social worker. But unfortunately, Prasad has to shut it down recently as fewer customers were showing up. Kanta Prasad said , “The Restaurant did well in the beginning. After a while, customers stopped coming and our expenses were much higher than what we were earning. I had to spend Rs 1 lakh to run the restaurant, but we were earning only Rs 30,000.”. But he also claimed that he is ‘happy’ being back to his dhabha.

Now, what were the reasons behind taking this step only the investigation will tell, but until we wish him a speedy recovery.

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