Badho Bahu Actress Gets Trolled For Posting Pic In A Bikini

Rytasha Rathore is not a new name in the Bollywood industry. She is playing the role of Komal Bahu in the hit TV show Bado bahu. Although shown as a traditional and coy bahu on screen, Rytasha is a very confident lady in real life.

She knows how to carry herself with Grace and has shown it through her posts. She knows how to live her life to the fullest and enjoy it. Her social media profile is a reflection of how the actress is so confidently defying all norms of society and living her life to the fullest.

Recently, she took to Instagram to flaunt her curves in her bikini. The actress was in Krabi having a good time; she captioned the picture as “Can I please live like this forever?”

Well, she can definitely wear whatever she likes, but trollers have a bad habit of poking their noses in literally everything.


This is the pic which she posted;


And now, trollers got a chance to make fun of her. They trolled her for being fat & wearing such bikinis. Get a life you all!

Here are some comments;


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