Badshah-Honey Singh Feud Finally Laid To Rest: ‘Jodne Wale Bahut Kam…’

Badshah addressed a long-standing rift between himself and the prominent rapper, Honey Singh. Both were not on talking terms. A misunderstanding had caused a divide between them. Their feud had lasted for over a decade.

Leaving grudges behind on stage

 Badshah’s Public Announcement at the Concert

At a recent concert, Badshah made a significant announcement. During his performance at GraFest 2024 in Dehradun, Badshah paused. He expressed a desire to end the grudge. “There was a phase in my life where I held this grudge against one and now, I want to call it quits and leave that grudge behind- and that’s Honey Singh”, He said.

 Reflecting on Past Bonds and Misunderstandings

Badshah briefly addressed the origins of the conflict “I was unhappy because of some misunderstanding but then I realised when we were together, ‘jodne waale bahut kam the, todneh waale bahut the’,” Badshah stated. He acknowledged their past bonds in the group Mafia Mundeer. He also expressed a wish for Honey Singh’s well-being.

Badshah wishes Honey Singh well

Leaving Past Tensions Behind

Badshah declared a firm decision to move on. “Today, I just want to let everyone know I’ve left that phase behind and I wish him all the best,” Badshah added. He publicly ended their feud after over a decade. The rappers’ massive fan-following witnessed this moment of reconciliation.

Fans rejoice as rap feud ends

Through his words at the concert, Badshah aimed to resolve tensions. Past misunderstandings and conflicts were addressed openly. A desire to prioritize positive connections over grudges was conveyed.

The public announcement marked a new chapter for both artists. Fans welcomed this development, hopeful it would lead to new collaborations and music from the talented rappers. The end of their long-drawn feud was a reminder that letting go of grievances can open doors to new creative pursuits.