Badshah Responds To Backlash Over ‘Sanak’ Lyrics, Issues Apology On Instagram!


Badshah is a popular Indian rapper and singer known for his upbeat and catchy songs, which have gained him a massive fan following over the years. He has also collaborated with several other popular artists in the Indian music industry, including Aastha Gill, Neha Kakkar, and Guru Randhawa, among others.

His rap beats and catchy music has been always on the lips of the young generation. While there have been criticisms of some of his songs, many of his fans enjoy his music and consider him a talented performer. Recently Badshah came into the spotlight for his latest release song “Sanak”. Read to know further about the whole controversy.

Badshah was criticized for using objectionable lyrics


According to ANI, a senior priest at the Mahakaleshwar Temple in the Madhya Pradesh province’s Ujjain district criticized Badshah for using the name of Lord Shiva (Bholenath) and allegedly profane language in the song “Sanak” and demanded that he take them out and apologise. Not only this many users also found it objectionable and trolled him over the lyrics of the song.

Badshah Apologises for the lyrics and shares a note on Instagram


In his apology, Badshah acknowledged that the lyrics of the song were problematic and offensive, and promised to change some parts of the song. He stated that he was “deeply sorry” for any hurt or harm caused by the song and its lyrics.

The rapper went on to explain that he had not intended to hurt anyone with the song. He had only aimed to create “an entertaining and engaging track”. However, he admitted that he had failed to consider the impact that the lyrics could have on listeners.

Badshah’s apology has been welcomed by many on social media. Some commending him for taking responsibility and acknowledging the harm caused by the song. However, others have questioned the sincerity of his apology, with some arguing that he only issued it after facing backlash.





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