Barack Obama’s Daughter Malia Obama Enters Hollywood, Drops Her Surname

Malia Obama, former US President Barack Obama’s daughter is foraying into Hollywood. But that’s not all — she wants nothing to do with the family name. Sources say that she ditched her surname and opted for the middle name “Ann” for this new career. As Malia Ann, Barack’s eldest, distances herself from her famous father’s legacy, speculations are rife.

Motive Behind the Name Change

Malia’s decision to change her name and forgo the family name sparked curiosity among the glam circles. As she strides professionally into Tinsel Town, she embraces her middle name “Ann.” Recently, her short film “The Heart” premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. 

Malia Obama
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The short film, directed by Maila Obama, is creating waves at the festival. The up-and-coming director is receiving rave reviews. However, people are speculating as to why she chose the new stage name. The motive may come as a shock to many but it is indeed a noteworthy reason. 

Per sources, Malia wishes to forge her path as she embarks in this new direction. Malia Ann wants to be distinct from her popular family as she ventures into the entertainment industry.

The well-known Obama surname may open up opportunities for her, but Malia is firm that her talents should be enough. Besides, the Obamas are also carving a space for themselves in Hollywood with their Higher Ground Productions. Interestingly, her parents didn’t attend Malia’s red carpet debut in Utah. 

Malia Obama
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About Malia Obama’s Directorial ‘The Heart’ 

Malia Ann, as the spotlight video of “The Heart” credits her, called the story odd, “somewhat of a fable, about a man grieving the death of his mother after she leaves him an unusual request in her will.” It is an exploration of grief, self-discovery, and longing, where Tunde Adebimpe plays the lead character Joshua. The story follows his journey as he attempts to fulfil his mother’s final wish. 

Gilga, Donald Glover’s company produced the film, and it is not their first association. Malia worked with Glover as a staff writer on “Swarm,” available on Amazon Prime Video. Calling her writing style “great,” Glover said, “We can’t be easy on her just because she’s the President’s daughter.”

Malia Obama
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Ditching Surname Is Common 

The 25-year-old Harvard graduate’s choice to lose her last name is nothing new. Many famous actors wanted to break free of their family’s shadow in the industry. Examples are Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, Joaquin Phoenix, Angelina Jolie, and Diane Keaton. So, whether it is Malia Obama or Malia Ann, industry insiders and fans wish her a huge success in her career.