BB13: Paras Chabra’s GF Akanksha Puri Reacts On His ‘150 Girlfriends’ Comment

Bigg Boss 13 is on full swing and the contestants are giving meaty stuff for their fans. Recently, Paras Chhabra was seen talking to co-contestant Shahnaz Gill and confessing his love for the lady. He even said that he has had over 150 girlfriends. Now, his steady girlfriend Akanksha Puri has come forward to react on this comment.

In a recent interview with, Akanksha asked about her take on Paras Chabra’s comment on having 150 girlfriends in past. In reply of that, she said, “I also discovered of this from the show and I think Paras will be the right one to tell you about all of them. For now, I can just say ‘Wow, that’s a big score’. He has been with many girls and has this flamboyant image. But being into a relationship is different and I don’t think he must have been in a relationship with all of them. So I don’t know in what context did he say it but yes, I am not really shocked with this number as I know he had a lot of relationships before. So agar woh 300 bhi bolta toh I wouldn’t have been shocked. We guys don’t dig much into each other’s lives.”

In one of the episodes, Paras also talked about his first girlfriend who is married now and he is still in touch with her. In the same interview Akanksha said, “Yes, I know of it. But, they are just good friends. She is in touch not only with him but me as well. And I really don’t mind it. She is not from the industry and a very nice girl I would say.”