BB16: Salman Khan Slams Tina Datta For Dirty Allegations On Shalin, Actress Cried Bitterly!

Today’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ hosted by Salman Khan will be explosive. Today, Salman Khan will be seen in public revealing the secrets of a house contestant. After entering the house and witnessing Salman’s formidable form today, the rest of the people’s situation will deteriorate. In the shared video, Salman first greets his family and asks if he still remembers them. At this, all the roommates nodded. The actor joked that he doesn’t miss anyone. Hearing this, the whole family started laughing.

Salman Asked this question to Tina

Salman Khan returns to his point and tells Tina Dutta that he has a question for her. Tina innocently shook her head at this. Salman asked Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary what he told her about Shaleen Bhanot being asked for chips and what she was talking about.

Salman reveals Tina’s secret to Shaleen

Shaleen Bhanot is taken aback after hearing Salman Khan. Salman, on the other hand, claims that Tina informed Priyanka that Shaleen had asked her such questions; Priyanka, you will be shocked to hear this. Salman claims that he kept these feelings suppressed inside him for 15 weeks because it was perfectly fine. They opened it now that everyone is sick. Tina says it wasn’t like that, sir. On hearing this, Salman Khan got angry and said that you have kept a limit.

Tina cried bitterly after hearing Salman speak

Tina Dutta burst into tears as soon as she heard Salman Khan’s words. She says, sir, I’m tired of being blamed for everything, and she doesn’t want to stay here any longer. I’d like to return home. Throughout this, everyone is silently watching Shaleen.


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