BB16: Sreejita De Attacks Tina Datta, Says- She Breaks Other People’s House That’s Why She Is Still Single!

From the start of Bigg Boss 16, it is clear that Tina Dutta and Sreejita Dey’s friendship is unparalleled. Sreejita has made some shocking revelations about Tina now that she has entered the show as a wild card entrant. Dey will be seen conversing with Soundarya Sharma in the upcoming episode. Sreejita makes some serious allegations against Tina during their conversation about Tina.

Sreejita tells Soundarya in the new show promo that Tina enjoys attracting the attention of boys. She also claimed that Tina attempted to become a home breaker and was thus abandoned. ‘She can’t live without boys’ attention,’ Sreejita explained. She tried to break into many people’s homes, so she couldn’t build her own. Tina, according to Sreejita, enjoys bringing others down.

Tina Dutta does all of this to attract boys’ attention.

It’s now entertaining to tell Tina Dutta about Sreejita and Soundarya’s Bigg Boss conversation or Salman Khan’s Weekend Ka Vaar conversation. The fans are eager to see how they will react. Also, the contestants are not permitted to communicate with anyone outside of the show. It will be interesting to see if Bigg Boss considers this conversation to be a violation of house rules.

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Shaleen Bhanot and Stan have a heated argument.

Meanwhile, let us inform you that Shaleen Bhanot and MC Stan had a heated argument in the house. In the midst of this, Stan threatens Shaleen. There is a commotion about it now, from Bigg Boss to social media. Shaleen’s parents have written a post requesting that the show’s creators take strict action if their son’s life is threatened.