BB16: This Famous Female Contestant Got Eliminated From Final Race, Check Out Who

Bigg Boss 16  is approaching the final stage. 23 days until the long-awaited finale. At the same time, there is a competition between different participants for reaching the final. Shalin, Sumbul, Tina and Soundarya were nominated last week. Each of these four matches will end after the top nine and the curtain will fall on who will be the challenger.

Tina reveals Shalin and Soundarya’s secret

There were a lot of explosions on the last episode of Bigg Boss. A fierce battle took place between Shalin and Tina. During this fight, Tina reveals Shaleen’s dirty secret. She tells how Shaleen used to talk dirty about Saundarya Sharma with Gautam. Even when Soundarya was in the bathroom, Shaleen didn’t knock and enters in that too twice.

For the first time in Bigg Boss history, one member revealed a dirty secret to another member. Soundarya became a topic of discussion during the battle between Shalin and Tina But the discussion of Soundarya doesn’t end there.After this statement kamya punjabi slams Tina for ruining a woman’s image and not standing for her.

Saundarya Sharma’s journey came to End

One of the contestants’ journey from Bigg Boss house is coming to an end this week. according to Mr. Khabri Soundarya Sharma has been evicted. She has been eliminated from the championship race.Soundarya Sharma fought Shiv Thakare in the final episode of Bigg Boss. Shiva had noticed Soundarya’s friendship with Gautam Vig. This was a source of contention between the two. Aside from that, there was a heated debate between Shiva and Soundarya about giving Nimrit the captaincy.







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