MC Stan Is India’s Most Popular Musician, Beating AR Rahman, Arijit Singh Neha Kakkar; Deets Inside

Rapper MC Stan is ruling the headlines like the actual boss; since winning Bigg Boss 16, the rapper has been established as one of India’s most popular figures. Stan never fails to deliver entertainment to his admirers. Yet since leaving the contentious BB house, he has broken all records with his great fame, and according to reports, he has grown to be the most popular Indian musician.

Mc Stan is well-known for his particular rapping style, and his rap tracks are always a hit with his fans. Our country’s young people are drawn to his music, and one can readily spot Stan’s followers on every street from the gully to the edge of India. The Bigg Boss 16 winner, who popularized mumble rap in our country, has now surpassed every musician in the country in a very short amount of time.

According to Google Trends, MC Stan has surpassed the top musicians in the Hindi film business. And the milestones he has attained are numerous, and none of the other singers, musicians, vocalists, or rappers have even come close to matching the vogue of the Basti Ka Hasti aka Mc Stan.

MC Stan’s Instagram live broke into the top ten in the world for the first time, a first for an Indian, and he has also overtaken a number of Bollywood A-list celebs on Google Trends. According to the graphical portrayal of the reports, the rapper has had a very huge peak in recent times, propelling him to tremendous heights of stardom.

However, the rapper is on a tour in India, and his fans are not passing up the opportunity to see him play live, with tickets for his gigs selling out in record time. Stan will soon be seen in The Kapil Sharma Show as well. His video from the set also went viral, showing him rapping in a red suit at the Kapil Sharma show. Kapil was seen dancing to his rap by himself.