Be graceful and feel pretty, Why to always question yourself?

Beauty, Always comes with a question mark, in a women’s life. The question here lies Am I pretty? An answer that never found surface. But, in real sense, what is the definition of being pretty? Long hair, hefty eyes, fair face, a fair maiden’s face and a good sense of style. Well, this is the definition comes from the societal point of view. But the question arises now, why there is a definition of being pretty?

Everyone is different in similar way. Beauty is all about feeling. How we actually feel about it. For some it lies in the eyes of beholder, for some it is in the heart. For some it is in the dark. For some Getting, a new tattoo on the arm is the feel of being pretty, to some wearing an ethnic or getting a boy cut. The fact is you never choose who you are, but you always choose how you appear.

Why one should always feel the pressure to look pretty, when you can actually feel it. Being a women is a difficult task, one should always be updated and match the standard of the society. From being updated about new fashion trends to not repeating outfit. From wearing the six feet heels to starve yourself to fit in the dress and much more.

Perfection comes in every size and in every color; you just have to feel it. One could slay a dress with sneakers, a dark women can wear red. Being pierced and getting tattoo can nail the person’s outfit. You can be who you are and who you want to be, the effort, which you have to take, is being you and feel pretty. Just laugh the heart out. You should be in charge of your happiness; you should feel the grace of being pretty within you. No one should be treated disrespectfully. Don’t doubt yourself because of other’s point of view. Generate your own opinion for being you. One don’t need to change themselves, just the way of looking at them.

So let’s stop complaining and start feeling pretty, because it is all about feeling, and the rest will make it worth it. Wear red on your dark days, Make a tattoo in different ways, You should Feel pretty always.

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