Best Movies About Incels That You Didn’t Know Was About Incels

What are some of the best incel films ever made? Many individuals are perplexed by the word “incel” while considering the best incel film available. The term “incel” refers to a male internet subculture in which guys blame their lack of sexual activity on something like the shoulders of others. As the popularity of incel memes has grown, so has the appeal of incels as nothing more than a source of prospective material for incel feature films. So, what are the best movies about incels available?

#1. Taxi Driver (1976)

Martin Scorsese directed the 1976 American picture Taxi Driver. Taxi driver Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro, goes through a mental breakdown while working the night shift in the city.

Travis Bickle, a disheartening ex-Marine and chronically insomniac lone wolf prowls the gloomy back alleys of New York City at night in his yellow taxi, hidden in the shadow of the bustling Big Apple. No one in a sea of nobodies, Travis sinks further and deeper into obsessive infatuation and vicious hatred as his perception of reality becomes ever more warped.

Travis was the initial “incel” who went on a violent spree against “degeneracy” because he couldn’t find a lady willing to be his companion.

#2. Fight Club (1999)

Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, & Helena Bonham Carter feature in David Fincher’s 1999 thriller Fight Club. During David Fincher’s adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 book, he wasn’t thinking about these topics. Male mental health and masculinity are examined in the film, as are their interconnections.

However, despite this, Fight Club does not condone toxic masculinity. It depicts the narrator as nothing more than a sick man and the guys who follow him as selfish and self-absorbed.

It’s an exploration of what males might do if they weren’t constrained by societal norms, and a visceral portrayal of what occurs when nervousness takes over and turns into hyper-masculinity.

#3. Ghost World (2001)

This 2001 comedy Ghost World, directed by Terry Zwigoff, is an example of a female incel film. Inspired by Daniel Clowes’ 1993-1997 comic book series of the same name.

They had planned to obtain jobs and hang out together after high school, but one of the ladies ended up on a voyage of self-discovery that caused their friendship to disintegrate. The comic book “Ghost World” is vulgar, but also shockingly blithe and colorful, thanks to the weird joy it finds in honoring the geek in all of us.

These two actresses bring so much to their parts, Thora Birch & Scarlett Johansson are just outstanding women. Their love-hate relationship is believable and devoid of melodramatics; even they appear to enjoy the personality clashes that arise, which may provide them with additional weapons.

#4. Star Wars: Revenge of the Incels (2018)

This short, written by Dana James Jones as well as Dominic Flores and directed by Jones, aims to capture the essence of Brick, from the a cappella recreation of Nathan Johnson’s dour, fondly remembered score to the posture of lead actor Evan Brown, who always hunches over in the same way actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be when he started playing Brendan in the original film.

He is replaced by Rian Johnson, a young actor who is researching the death of Kelly Marie Tran’s presence on social media in Star Wars: Revenge of The Incels.

He meets J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley, as well as enraged incel fanboys who are trying to create their own The Last Jedi. Even utilizing the same settings where Johnson filmed Brick, the short wonderfully captures the mood and vibe of the feature.

#5. Joker (2019)

The film stars Joaquin Phoenix and was produced by Todd Phillips, who has been likened to such an incel guidebook. Those harsh reviews and unfavorable responses are only another sign of social justice overreach, according to some of the film’s supporters.

When it comes to Arthur Fleck, Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Joker, he’s a complete loser—and possibly even an “incel.” Besides his mother, he has no other close friends. In the movie, he works as a clown at parties and scares everyone he encounters with his paralyzing bursts of hysterical laughter. There is a scene where he constantly thought that he was talking and having sex with a woman, however, it was all his imagination.

The Joker almost became a cult-classic and exploded across the internet upon its release. While it is a story about an incel turned mad by society, many people could relate to his isolation, especially during the last few years. Due to this, people have turned to the internet to find entertainment everyone can enjoy, and online casinos have always fit the brief. An example of this is minimum deposit casinos for Indian players, which many people have found enjoyable during their time of isolation.

#6. Cuck (2019)

Rob Lambert directed Cuck, an American horror film released in 2019. For his known mental instability and minor crimes, Ronnie is ruled ineligible for military duty. He is an outcast who resides with his domineering mother. It is through this vlog channel that he expresses his displeasure with what he sees as “the demise of true America.”

He also accepts to play the cuckold in an amateur pornographic sex film filmed by a couple after becoming sexually frustrated. With the purchase of an unlicensed pistol, he starts frequenting shooting ranges. They get to meet one of the alt-most right’s charismatic leaders.

He loses his tough attitude when he admits to being a “cuck.” Riding the wave of internet criticism, Ronnie seeks refuge in his rifle, which he considers the last sign of manhood he has remaining.

#7. TFW No GF (2020)

Whenever you watch the incel movie TFW No GF, your only options are either grief or terror. Director Alex Lee Moyer’s documentary on the subject of incel culture doesn’t leave you with a lot of options. They narrate their own stories, and Moyer allows them to do so without interfering.

In the course of Moyer’s investigation, he comes across a group of young men who are all telling variations of the same story. Throughout their childhoods they were unable to form meaningful relationships with other people. Many were expelled from school, and their futures are limited. Of course, this isn’t a brand-new phenomenon. There have been countercultures in existence from time immemorial because of these factors.

However, in the present period, the building wrath that would have previously led to the birth of punk rock music scenes has a definite dystopic aspect. Modern life is a major factor in causing these problems nowadays. Because they couldn’t meet in person, the disenchanted gathered online under the guise of anonymity, encouraging themselves and one other to be even fierier simply because they could.

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