Best Skincare Guide For You- Read To Transform Your Skin!

There are many skincare guides available in the market but what stresses females is which one to follow and which to overlook. Here, we have come up with a simple skincare routine that is practical, cost-effective, and non-harming.

This routine includes daily, weekly and monthly routines along with some habits that you need to develop to get that ever fresh, glowing skin.

Here Is An Ultimate Guide To Get Healthy Glowing Skin | Be Beautiful India

So, here’s the magic that will transform the way you look:

Morning Time: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, SPF.

Night Time: Makeup remover, Cleanser, Under Eye Cream, Nighttime moisturizer

Weekly: Exfoliate entire body, At home face mask, Wash sheets

Monthly: Professional facial, Eyebrow threading, Clean Make up brushes

Habits: Drink water, Lip Balm, Get plenty of sleep, Avoid hot showers, Balanced Diet, Avoid fast foods.

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As for the products, go for the brands that are known and are active players in the market for long. For example, for moisturizers; go for Vaseline, Lakme, The Body Shop, Cetaphil to name a few. Similarly, for exfoliation, try using scrubs by Biotique, Kama Ayurveda, and Forest Essentials

Similarly, opt for an SPF cream that provides a good level of protection from the UV rays of the sun. Don’t just use it when going out but indoors too. Also, do not forget to cover your face when out.

Remember, there is no substitute for healthy food and go quantity of water intake. The more you will be able to avoid fatty foods and fast foods, the better your skin will look.

So, follow this simple, no-fuss routine and let your skin glow!

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