Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy Bids $19k On Art Work

The Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles turned out to be quite an interesting event. The show was stolen by Blue Ivy, the daughter of the megastars Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Many celebrities and socialites have gathered at the auction arranged by Tina Knowles and her husband Richard Lawson. The profits made from the auction went for the non-profit art and performing institute the WACO Theater Center.

Ivy: Beyonce’s Daughter Becomes the Talk of the Event

Ivy, the 6 year old girl made the headlines by bidding $19k for an acrylic artwork made by Sidney Poitier. She arrived with her mother and wore a golden dress and golden wig matching the golden dress of her mother.

Initially, she was bidding at $17k but held the paddle up when she was outbidden by another. Jay Z humorously tried to snatch away the paddle when his daughter raised the bar to $19k. The moment was captured by many cameras and the video turned viral in social media. It was quite a cute moment shared between the father and daughter which delighted people from all around the world.

Bidding out on What She Loved

Though sadly for the young girl, she could not win the art piece. The painting ultimately went to Tyler Perry who bid $20k. However, this did not deter the spirit of small Ivy. She showed her zeal of bidding when the next piece came up. Ivy acquired an artwork by Samuel Levi Jones which drew inspiration from deconstructed medical and law books.

Unfortunately, perhaps we will never know whether Ivy really liked the work of the artist or whether she was just looking to get something special for herself. Ivy has showed her sassy attitude and confident behavior in public even before and the auction gave her another chance to portray herself.


Art and Why It Holds a Special Place for Beyonce

Star Jones, the host of the auction told that her parents were always discussing how to acquire art and it was an important thing for African-Americans. She got to know the things from Ms. Tina and was sharing them with the audience.

Apart from Ivy, her mother Beyonce made a winning bid of $17k on a set of earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. The earrings do look stunning and are something you are sure to envy.

If you thought that the show was all about bidding and winning, you got it a bit wrong.
Beyonce and Gloria Carter, the mother of Jay-Z, were recognized for their humanitarian work. Beyonce was even honoured by a video message that was sent by the former first lady of USA, Michelle Obama. The event was quite elaborate and star-studded with little Ivy to win all the attention.

We are sure you have gone to a number of art exhibitions as well. Which one did you love the most and why? Also, what does art mean in your life? Let us know below in the comments section!


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