If your BF does these 8 things, he will surely MARRY you!

While in a relationship, it is always better to remember that actions speak louder than words. No matter how fancy words your boyfriend chooses to express his love for you, ultimately it is only his actions which hint at his real intentions – is it just a casual relationship for him or does he actually wanna take your bond to the next level of marriage. It can only be reflective via actions. For words can any day be manipulative.

So here we bring to you 7 signs bang on signs that suggest that he loves you and wants to marry you!

1. You are invited to his family events: If your guy has told about you to his family, then, he is pretty serious about you two. He considers you a part of his family and invites you at his family events.  By introducing you to his family, he is directly or indirectly opening up his entire life and history in front of his family.

2. He talks about future with you in it: Most men love to talk about their future plans like earning, car, etc. However, keep a close ear when he talk about his future and notice if you are a part of his talks. If yes, then this guy is surely looking up to you as his wife.

3. No room for jealousy: While it is common to feel jealous in the initial phase of relationship. A person who wants to marry you will trust you whole-heartedly and have no room for jealousy for you. He knows that you can’t ever cheat on him. Jealousy can be too toxic for relationships. And relationships without it can grow and flourish into marriage.

4. He feels more comfortable around you: You know what they say, if your partner is also your best friend, then you both are just meant to be. So if your guy is most comfortable and his real self with you around, then be glad, he is looking ahead for a life with you. Having not to wear a mask of romance everyday and yet loving each other is so damn adorable and a sign of a healthy relationship.

5. He believes in marriages: If your guy doesn’t roll his eyes when someone talks about marriage or doesn’t mock about his married friends then he is certainly a person who believes in the constitution of marriage. This also signifies that if things go well between you both, he will surely want to get married to you. And, a guy who believes in marriages makes a super awesome husband.

6. He doesn’t hide your relationship : Does he refrain from admitting this relationship in front of his friends, family or social media? Well, this might mean he is probably not sure about you yet and is simultaneously looking for better options. If the case is opposite, it is a great sign. He is proud to be with you and has no problem admitting his love for you.

7. He already acts like a husband: It is inevitable for a husband to not include his wife in key decisions, career talks, family discussions, etc. So, if your guy already asks for your advice and opinions, supports you in tough times, includes you while taking important decisions, it is an obvious sign! Duhhh!

So, how many signs could you relate? Tell us in the comments section below.


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