Bharti Singh Did Weight Loss Before Pregnancy, Reduced 15 Kgs In This Way

Comedy queen Bharti Singh is in the news for her pregnancy. Do you know that Bharti has worked hard for this good news. Now a little guest is about to come to the house of Bharti Singh, who laughs with strong comedy and belittling. Last evening, she gave good news to the suckers by publicizing her pregnancy.

Before the good news, everyone was surprised by her metamorphosis. She’d lost 15 kg in many months. In the last months, Bharti Singh sounded to be getting spare so presto that everyone had noticed this changing look. Before Bharti Singh’s weight was 91 kg, after that she had reduced it to 76 kg. Did you know that she used just one routine to lose weight which is called intermittent fasting.

During that time Bharti had revealed that she has lost weight only by controlling her diet. Bharti used to eat after 7 pm and before 12 noon the next day.

Actually, keeping a fixed time difference in your diet leads to weight loss. Numerous people perfect their fitness with intermittent fasting of 12 and 16 hours.

Now Bharti has given information about her pregnancy on her social media account. She herself has shown with great pleasure that he’s going to have a little guest coming to his house soon.

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