Bharti Singh-People used to touch inappropriately, did not have enough courage to stop them.

Comedian Bharti Singh do not need any introduction. Everyone is aware of the status she has made in the industry after so many struggles. Bharti Singh has the power to make people tickle and laugh in a moment. But recently everyone is surprised to hear some revelations of the comedian. Actually, Bharti Singh has shared many secrets related to her personal life, which hardly anyone knows till now. The story of Bharti’s struggle and her journey from floor to floor is no less than an inspiration. During this, she has told how she used to go to the sets with her mother at the beginning of her career. There was a special reason behind this.

Bharti Singh

Recently, in Maniesh Paul’s podcast chat show, Bharti Singh shared many things related to her personal life with people. Bharti Singh told that she used to take her mother along with her in the shows. Many times she could not understand the actions taken by the people. She used to take her mother along with her to almost every show.

Bharti Singh said, ‘My mother used to go to shows with me. At that time, my mother used to accompany me. People used to say don’t worry aunty, we will take care of you. I knew very little about modern things. Somebody rubbed my waist, I didn’t know that it is considered inappropriate touching for girls. Those coordinators who give you money, rub their hands on your waist. I know it’s not a good feeling, but he is like my uncle. He can’t be wrong. I thought I was wrong and he was right. I didn’t know at that time that these things are bad.’

Bharti Singh

Bharti further says, ‘God has given the power to every woman, in which she can understand what is the intention of the person in front. When someone’s intentions don’t seem right, the woman comes to know. I feel now that I was an idiot who didn’t understand these things at all.’

Bharti Singh says, ‘At the beginning of my career, I did not have the courage to speak against it. Now I know how to speak for myself. I know how to fight for my body. I have got the courage to fight. I have got the courage to say this and ask what are you seeing? We all move out now, live our own lives on our own terms. I can speak for myself. At that time when this used to happen with me in shows, I could not take a stand of my own.’

Bharti Singh

Prior to this, Bharti had said, ‘In my life there was only my mother, there was no father, when I was two years old, he died. I have not even seen him, nor do I have any photo of him in my house, I do not allow him to put any picture in the house. My sister and brother have got father’s love but not me. But I did not even get the love of my brother because everyone was busy with their respective work. Now after marriage, when I got the love of my husband Harsh, then I understand that no boy takes care of you or how does he do it.’

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