‘Bhayanak Mazak’, Mukesh Khanna Slams ‘Adipurush’ Makers For Destroying Ramayana!

Ever since the release of magnum opus ‘Adipurush’ on the big screen, it has been facing criticism. The producer, director and writer of the film are on target of critics and audiences for the dialogues, graphics and characters shown in the film. Now, ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Shaktimaan’ fame actor Mukesh Khanna has also given his two-cents on the ongoing debate surrounding the film. He has alleged that the makers have insulted the epic ‘Ramayana’. The actor has raised questions on the making of ‘Adipurush’ and has called it a ‘Kalyug’ film.

Mukesh accused ‘Adipurush’

Mukesh has posted on his YouTube channel ‘Bhishma International’. In the video, he has said that there can be no greater insult to Ramayana than ‘Adipurush’. Om Raut had no knowledge of Ramayana. Apart from this, the intellectual writer Manoj Muntashir Shukla has converted Ramayana into Kalyug. The non-sensical dialogues and sleep-inducing screenplay have turned the film into something which is even worse than sleeping pills. The film has never had anything to do with any Ramayana.

Continuing his rant over the film, Mukesh stated, “History will never forgive the makers of ‘Adipurush’ for writing such bad dialogues. It clearly shows that Om Raut was influenced by Hollywood filmmakers. They have tried to induce it in Ramayana. If you want to try cinematic liberty you would have tried hands on making a fictional film. But you have played with the image of God. That’s why Adipurush is a terrible joke done with Ramayana.”

Mukesh has also criticised the get up of Meghnath and Hanuman in the film. He said that if Hanuman ji sees his look in this film, he will lift a mountain and throw it at the makers.

For the unversed, ‘Adipurush’ has minted an impressive amount of money despite receiving backlash. It is running successfully all over the nation. The film stars Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh and Saif Ali Khan.